Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anna & Leo

They are quite the duo.  This video was taken last week.  Now, rather than barking with him, she tries to discipline him as I do by saying "baah" in a growly vioce when he barks - a useless endeavor yet often used trick from an unsuccesful round with b@rk bu$ter$.
Anna wasn't at first, nor ever has been afraid of him. He on the other hand, it sometimes afraid of her grabby little hands. He also is getting more attention than he ever has, but is terribly jealous of her. She gets more.

Anna is an amazing girl and amazes me more every day.
language - she seems to be picking up some level of understanding English. She says "upa" when she wants to be picked up or taken out of her high-chair. She babbles mamama but hasn't used mama appropriately to mean me, yet.
When asked "Anna, what does the tiger say" (unless distracted by the poodle) she'll ball up her fists and growl - very cute!
She is a very observant and busy girl.

She loves music and will dance anytime she hears a tune. I'm looking for a toddler music class to get involved in because I think I boring her with the same old things every day.

eating - she's a great eater. most days cheerios and yogurt and sometimes a half banana for breakfast. Usually a slice of whole wheat bread, slice of turkey and slice of cheese with applesauce or banana. Dinner is more difficult for me as is getting in veggies. She has spit out any green veggies so far except coarsely chopped green beans on Christmas eve. I'm trying that again tonight. She loves sweet potatoes and carrots and will have one of those for lunch and/or dinner. Meat is on and off - somedays she loves it some days not.
All in all she's eating well. We went for her 15 month well-baby visit on 12/20 and she had gained a pound since our return home ( were in the ped's office 11/22 for a quick check). She's now a whopping 19# - not on the American growth charts for her age yet, but we'll get there.
She's also grown a half inch since coming home and is in the 25% in height. Go Anna!

She loves Cara, my niece who is living with us and she will squeal with delight every morning when she sees her and every evening as Cara comes home from work. It is a mutual love thing with those two :) She waves "bye-bye" and blows Cara kisses as she leaves for work in the morning.

Sleeping has been a challenge, but I think we'll figure it out someday. my main goal is that she feels secure. She has, in the last week slept two nights - all night - in her crib without needing me to come in and help her back to sleep. That's amazing. Last night she was back to not being able to go back to sleep so I packed her off to my bed so I could sleep at least and she drifts off eventually, too.

She loves textures and likes to rub everything across her lips to feel it. Her blanky at night is a must for soothing.  Last week she was rubbing her lips softly across Cara's eyelashes and yesterday a visiting pooch 's tail was wagging and hitting her lips, she stood for quite a while taking in that sensation. It was hysterical!

That's the 411 for now,

I'll leave you with a photo from our 0ne-month anniversary of our family day.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

On Christmas Eve Santa's Elves brought us all new Christmas pajamas to greet Christmas morning.

Anna & her cuz-aunt, Cara.  She was fine until she became worried that Leo was going after her toy (which he probably was)  then the wiggles were out of control.

First taste of bacon... num  num

My sweet brave girl on Santa's lap a week ago.

Hope your day is merry & bright