Thursday, November 11, 2010

15 months on 11/11

Anna turned 15 months on 11/11.  In honor of her birthday (according to me)  we took part in a city tour of the Six Banyon Tree temple - with a flower pagoda that is 1600 years, or so, old.  It's amazing that this peaceful place is in the middle of this bustling city of over 13million people.  It's a beautiful oasis of calm.

A ceremony blessing all the babies

Later in the hotel Anna showed again some of her mad crawling skilz.  


  1. Isn't that funny how she loves weaving in and out of the chair legs? So very amazing to watch a whole new world opening up to her!

  2. Helloooo! I need a bean fix! Hope all is well Barb!

  3. Ooh I loved that ceremony! we did it too- it was very nice and very touching to have a blessing for our little ones before leaving China! So glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunate that you can no longer climb the pagoda- it's amazing at the top, but they had experience and closed it so people can't climb anymore....sad.