Friday, November 5, 2010

We've made it to Hong Kong

After 24 hours of flying, waiting, flying some more.  We've finally arrived in Hong Kong.

I flew Denver to Chicago to meet my sister, Donna there.  I sat by a lovely couple on that leg who were heading on vacation to Beijing.  They were thrilled to hear about my trip and to share about their little granddaughter, only a few weeks older than Anna - it was good insight for me.

Once in Chicago I met Donna (yay!!!!).  And then met up with a few others on the same flight from our travel group.

We then all excitedly, but reluctantly loaded ourselves into the plane for our 15+  (15:33,but who's counting) hour flight.  cramped, but we made it with the necessary gear in tow

Eye, pillow, ear plugs, neck pillow,blanket and ambien all added up to about 5 hours of sporadic sleep.

We finally arrived

made it through immigration resulting in Donna getting her first stamp in her passport  :)  A very proud moment.

Finally meeting our rep once clearing customs.  Then the reason we're here came back to me in a flash.

 As our bus pulled into the hotel, I looked in the lobby and there stood Rob and Michelle who are here with us to get Ocie.  They started their trip a bit early and visited Beijing first.  It was really good to see them!  Now it feel like this trip is real.

We're still adjusting to the time different - it will take a while with HK & China being 14 hours ahead.  By Monday we'll be grand.


  1. Monday you'll be grand but still jet-lagged. Somehow I don't think you'll care though! Much love!!!

  2. I'm so glad you're posting! Can hardly wait for you to meet your daughter!

  3. I can't believe you are there! 5 hours of sleep on the plane is pretty darn good! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  4. yay!!!! i can't wait for our skype date, it isn't coming fast enough. Can I update you on things on here or would you rather me email you? Elaine made it safe, Leo is good. We are going on a quick walk this morning and then Elaine and I are going to go enjoy the 75* that it is here in Denver today!!! Maybe a hike! Miss you, Leo sends his the form of a little amount of puke for me on the carpet...right next to the tile...why would he want to make it easy for his pack-mate Cara?! :) Good thing I love him a lot! I think he was just rebelling b/c his mom is gone. Oh yeah, one more thing...yesterday morning I came upstairs, and you had literally been gone for what, maybe 5 hrs, and he was sleeping on the brown chair upstairs. I made him get down...put a thing up in it so he wouldn't fit. I go to work, come home all is fine...go to the airport, get Lainey, coem home, and he's on the red couch! He took no time at all to take advantage and run wild now that the boss is out of town :) He's a smart cookie that one! ok, I'll stop now. Miss ya!! Leo says "bark bark!" ...means "I'm having a blast here"

  5. Glad you made it there safe and sound. Julia and I cannot wait for Monday and to see some photos of you with Anna! Have a good trip to Guangzhou!