Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anna in Action 1

The first video of Anna in action - very long and redundant, but mesmerizing to me.


  1. She definitely smiled! :-) Cute giggle.

    Those stacking cups look VERY similar to some that arrived in my mailbox the other day.

  2. It's absolutely mesmerizing to me, too: those darling jammies, the W sit, the oh-ALMOST standing attempts, the hip/torso twist when she's on her tummy, the Marine crawl, the wee bits of talking - ALL the activity! I'm delighted that she has the confidence to let go and explore after only two days of clinging. Hurray, Anna Bean! Thank you thank you for posting these videos, Beeb. I know that it's a hectic, exhausting time right now, but for Team Bean, it's thrilling to hear your Mommieness and joyously watch your girl. Big love to you, too, Auntie Donna; you're a superstar!

  3. Mesmerizing and joyous! She is really getting around like crazy and already putting those knees underneath herself more and STANDING up!!! Yay!

  4. Oh gosh, what a cuuuutie! Loved seeing her wee smile when she learned the "curve" around the chair legs! xo

  5. Count me as mesmerized, too. What a wonderful, spirited little Bean! Thanks for sharing these videos! (Yay, stacking cups!!)

  6. Oh my goodness!! Hayden and I have watched twice!!!
    It is so fun hearing you call her DouDou, remeber our exchange student? Her little cousin who is now like 8......dodo is her nickname and they don't call her anything but:). So pretty sure Miss Anna is going to become DouDou!!! Love it!!!

    She will be walking with hands I bet by the time you leave, she is crazy mobile!! Hope you Anna proofed before you left, and there will be no need for working out , you will be chasing her all over the place!!

    Adorable, now hay den is requesting to watch it again!!!