Monday, November 15, 2010

Shamian Island is a beautiful, tranquil place.  We've spent a lot of time wandering it's streets.  Walking and the ergo (love it!!!) are the sure-fire way to get this little energetic girl to sleep.

And when I say I love the ergo that was so generously gifted to me, I mean I LOVE it.  It's been so easy to carry her - which is her preferred mode of travel, and often as I'm involved in conversation I will glance down and these beautiful dark brown eyes are staring at me.

So far a bath is a VERY traumatic experience.  I thought a dip of a toe in the pool would be a slow introduction to water.  She didn't care for that either.

Dinner with the Tharps.  Anna and Ocie are destined to be long-time friends.  "dance party at Ocie's house!!"

Aunt Donna and Anna's Erkel jeans - not nearly enough booty to keep these on.

Jut before bedtime, she gets ramped up into giggle mania.  She climbs and crawls around like a little monkey cracking herself up.  Otherwise she is pretty reserved and shy and not very generous with her smiles.
This giggly time is the calm before the storm.  My girl has a tough time going to sleep and a lot of walking and rocking and crying is involved every night.

I am so impressed with the folks who have gone before me and have been able to blog regularly.  Between, sporadic computer service and the amazing amount of time it requires to keep one little girl happy, healthy and safe in a 150 square-foot hotel room, I've hardly had the time.  Hopefully there will be more posts coming.  But if not from China, then definitely stateside.


  1. Can't wait to meet her in person! And to hear her giggle!

  2. Love the picture of the two of you! Gorgeous!

  3. I also love the picture of you and Anna--you are beaming. It is just gorgeous.

    The ergo saved my life in China; there is no way that I could have done the trip without it. Julia also had a hard time sleeping in China (and after, unfortunately). I put her in the ergo and walked around the White Swan and she fell asleep without any problems. And, we avoided meltdowns.

    I hope the rest of your journey goes well.

    xo xo xo,


  4. I LOVE the Ergo, too. It RULES! Vera responds immediately...and you will love it for the plane ride home.

    I also LOVE all these pictures of AnnaBean's smiles, and the smiles of yourself and your beautiful sister & friends. Makes me feel very happy for you guys!

    Totally agree with you about the tranquility on Shamian Island - we felt the same way. So peaceful. xoxo

  5. Oooh bath was not easy for us either!
    The good news is, our dr says a bath 1 or max 2 times a week is PLENTY! whew!
    we had success finally with sitting her on the edge of her little tubby at home and splashing feet in the water. and then a slow ramp up from that. But don't stress too much that she's not getting fequent baths, she is fine! She looks so happy! the giggly is fun, the nights are tough. hope that smooths out a bit soon for you both!!! nights can be scary for our kids! thinking about you both!!!
    ps- LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ergo! we still use it often! nice choice!

  6. love, love, LOVE the photo of you holding Anna in the Ergo...the picture of sweet! We're all ready for you to be home!