Sunday, November 7, 2010

Killing time

It's actually Monday morning here in Guangzhou and I've woken early - a little before 5 am.  I guess that's what you do on the day you're going to see your daughter for the first time - you wake early.

To kill a little time before the breakfast buffet opens I'll put up the pics from Hong Kong.   I know, I know - you're not all that interested, you just want some baby candy -some pics of that Bean.  Me too. I promise those will come.
In the meantime, these will have to do.

We were taken on a tour of HK that started at Victoria Peak.  Unfortunately, it was a wet and rainy day and the peak was socked-in.

 After the peak and a huge traffic jam, we went to the fishing village for a ride on this little boat.

After a dim sum lunch that was quite tasty, we headed off to walk around a bit.  The crowds were great just as you would expect.  A little jostling to keep up with the others, but much fun and much needed exercise to stave off the jet lag.

Sunday morning we left for Guangzhou.  While waiting in the hotel lobby a lovely bride and her entourage cruised by.  Red is a very fortuitous color in the Chinese culture and the color still worn by most brides, I'm told.

 I didn't get a picture of the entrance, but after 4.5 hour ride with much of it sitting in traffic in Guangzhou, we arrived at the White Swan Hotel.  This is the view from the window of our room.

This is the view in the room   (!!!!!)


  1. Look at the crib! Tonight it will be used by your daughter. Or not, if she sleeps with Mama.

  2. Mama you have.a crib in your room!!!
    Thinking of you and knowing you are very close to holding your girl. Sending good thoughts for a good transition for your beauty!!!

    Today is your day and EVERYTHING will be different in a few hours!!! You think you are crazy in love with her now..... Oh girl your heart will want to burst soon!!!

    Hayden and I sending you big love for the both of you. Can't wait to see that first picture!!!!

  3. Jumping up and down! (OK, bouncing in my seat!)

  4. I noticed the crib, too! By the time I am typing this you may be meeting her! Wow! Have fun with this monumentous time! Yes, the Groths are wanting some Bean baby candy, too....

  5. Woke up grinning, knowing that Today Is The Day! CONGRATULATIONS, Momma!

  6. I've been having trouble commenting on your blog for some reason so sorry I haven't written sooner. However, we have been praying! That crib is such a sweet sight and I'm so glad you are at the White Swan! A truly wonderful place! I know you and the bean are a family now and I can't wait to see pics. I do pray that your meeting was sweet and that her heart is beginning the process of opening up to you and her new life. You and the bean are in almost every other you.

  7. Barb, I just got a chance to go thru all the pictures, videos and postings. How absolutely ecstatic you must be, The Beaner is just too cute. Love the way she mobilizes herself. She is just about ready to walkout of that hotel room. So excited for you. Many good wishes come from Littleton. Will be excited to meet your daughter when you get home. Safe travels. Deni