Thursday, November 11, 2010

a few more pictures

Day 2 started with breakfast where we discovered that Anna was ready for table food.  Up to this point she has only had formula and rice cereal.  She LOVES cheerios.  At breakfast she also ate steamed eggs, sucked on watermelon (her Aunt Donna's favorite), had some yogurt and mashed bananas.

After breakfast, a 10 second bath was too much.  She is not fond of these yet.   not. at. all.

This is also the day she started to show us how flexible she is.  Her feet are two of her favorite toys - she can fold herself in half to play with them.

Day 3 was medical exam day:

All done

8.2 kg
75 cm in length

you do the math :)


  1. 18 lbs, and about a 1/2" shy of 2.5 feet, yes? In the first and last photos, she looks so wise, as if she is taking in Every.Thing. Maybe she's thinking about Cheerios and watermelon and steamed eggs. ;)

  2. She weighs more that Emma did at that age :) She looks so happy to have that over :)

  3. Keep the pictures coming, Barb! She is soooo precious. Cheerios are a huge hit here, too.

    I am thinking about you, Anna, Rob, Michele and Ocie constantly and cannot wait to meet this beautiful girls.

    Much love,


  4. I love all the pictures, but the last one made me cry happy tears again. Oh, and your daughter look so happy together. I love how Anna has her arms up as if saying with you, "All done". You look beautiful, daughter, like mother! love you!